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Organizations are increasingly finding themselves at risk as cyber attacks rise. Adversaries are becoming more sophisticated, their attacks increasingly likely to be targeted and their efforts impact your business and damage your reputation. Organizations must take a proactive approach, developing repeatable processes and plans. They must be ready to respond quickly to an incident in order to minimize impact to their business.

Our incident management consultants help you identify unknown threats lurking within your environment and assist with the full life cycle of computer security incident response. We can help you effectively respond to intrusions and help you develop plans to limit your exposure and prevent future recurrence.

Our Capabilities

Strategically and programmatically assess your current incident management practices

Develop and recommend improvements to help prevent future incidents

Create a response plan and playbooks that help you manage incidents effectively and efficiently

Help provide guidance for potential legal and regulatory obligations

Work to determine the source, scope and sensitivity of a data loss

Secure evidence to support potential litigation or legal needs

Limit your reputational risk where possible