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Adversaries continue to advance their skills and innovate attack methods. Organizations are increasingly aware that reactive approaches are no longer effective in limiting damage from an attack. Leading businesses continue to adopt proactive methods of uncovering and addressing security flaws and vulnerabilities.

By taking a disciplined, programmatic approach to uncovering and remediating threats and vulnerabilities, you can understand and address the root cause of your weaknesses. Partnering with Bridge can help you achieve your goal without the burden of maintaining this expertise in-house.

Our Capabilities

Discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses across all types of devices

Develop effective controls and solutions for security flaws

Test elements from a single line of code to large distributed systems

Create secure development lifecycle (SDLC) programs and processes

Access custom code analysis and reverse software engineering

Communicate the risks of high-business impact vulnerabilities and high-likelihood threats

Determine the feasibility of potential attack vectors

Uncover higher-risk vulnerabilities resulting from exploitation of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a particular sequence

Provide evidence to support budget requests for security programs or investment

Quantify the operational impact and business risks resulting from successful attacks

Assess the combination of system flaws and human factors to identify and quantify risk